Regional Workshop on South-South Cooperation for Strengthening Engineering Standards and Mobility of Professionals

When: 21 – 22 December 2017

Where: Jakarta, Indonesia


Engineers perform an important function in planning and construction of a sustainable society through their effort in maintenance of products, tools and equipment. Engineering can obtain advantages from experience’ skills in different countries, as they could reduce duplication effort to combine resources, facilitate commerce, apply innovative and technology to produce, supply and transfer better products for human needs.

There is a need to encourage the application of technical progress to economic and social advancement throughout the world; to advance engineering as a profession in the interest of all people; and to foster peace throughout the world. Thus, UNESCO has collaborated with the workshop partners to organize this regional meeting to review and evaluate engineering qualification and standardization, develop the road map of strengthening the foundations for South-South Cooperation (SSC) and to achieve sustainable development in Asia and the Pacific region.

South-South Cooperation (SSC) is needed to harmonize the standardization of engineering curricula, controlling, monitoring and mentoring the process and maintenance the infrastructure, youth internship training in industries and women engineering role as human resources to build the regional network.


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