Dear Colleagues!

We invite you to take part in the International scientific-practical conference of students, undergraduates, graduate students and scientists “Muhandis-2019” (“Engineer-2019“).

The conference will be held March 14-16, 2019 at the address: Dushanbe, Acad. Radjabovs street, 10.

Registration of participants: 8-30; conference start: 09-00.

 To participate in the conference are invited: students, undergraduates, graduate students, scientists and specialists of educational institutions of the Republic of Tajikistan.

The purpose of the conference: Improving and sharing scientific and technical experience, encouraging students, undergraduates, graduate students and young scientists to solve scientific problems using modern information technology.

The work of the conference will be devoted to the following areas:

  1. Natural sciences.
  2. Technique and technological equipment.
  3. Energy, construction and architecture.

4.Information and communication technology.

  1. Transport and transport communications.

To participate in the conference, it is necessary to send the following documents to the organizing committee before 01.03.2019:

  • Application for participation in the conference;
  • Articles up to 8 pages in accordance with the following requirements.

The reports of up to 8 full pages as a file in MS WORD WINDOWS format should be sent before 01.03.2019 to the email address “”, “” as a file with the last name, initials and direction number, for example: Rakhimov-MS.doc.

Contact phone numbers:

(+992) 935018854,

(+992) 900992235

Participation in the conference is free.

Requirements for the possible publications of the articles in the Book of Proceedings.

Borders of the text: from all sides – 25 mm (A4 format). Font: size 14, TIMES NEW ROMAN, single line spacing, automatic word wrap, pictures in JPG format, tables in Word format, formulas in Microsoft Equation or Math Type editor, charts in Microsoft Excel format.

Manuscript construction. The title is in capital letters, bold. List of authors (Last Name, IO), city, name of organization, university, lower e-mail, left alignment. One line indent. Article text: justified alignment. References (not more than 5 sources) in the order of citation, designed in accordance with the bibliographic description of GOST 7.0.5-2008.

The text is printed in the author’s edition, MUST be read and verified by the authors. From one author is possible to submit no more than one report as corresponding author.

Conference materials will be published for free!

Materials that do not meet the requirements of registration will NOT be allowed by the editorial board to print in the collection!

 Design example for the articles:



(Authors) Khusenov M.A., Kholmurodov Kh.T.

(Adresses) Dushanbe, Tajik Technical University named after academician M.S. Osimi



Text …Comparative analysis of the results of MD-modeling showed that …

… text…

… text…

Concluding remarks.



  1. Khusenov MA, Kholmurodov Kh.T.

MD modeling of the encapsulation of peptide chains of gold in the matrix of a carbon nanotube with gold nanoparticles. Scientific Notes of Khujand State University named after Academician B. Gafurov, 2016, No.4 (39) , pp.90-102.