Today, the joint engineering and technical faculty is the educational center of specialists in the construction and technical sector, taking into account the country’s economic requirements and, accordingly, the requirements of the labor market.

Specialists are trained in the following specialties:

Specialties of machine-building profile (3601)
– “Technology of mechanical engineering”;

– “Metal Science in Mechanical Engineering”;

– “Mining machinery and equipment (underground mining and open mining)”.

Specialties of building profile (7002)
– “Examination and management of real estate”;

– “Industrial and civil construction”;

– “Car roads”;

– “Water management construction”.

Architectural specialties (6901)
– “Architecture of residential and public buildings.”

Specialties of instrument-making profile (3802)
– “Biotechnical and medical devices and systems”.

Specialties of energy profile (4301)
– “Electric stations”;

– “Power supply”.

Specialties of transport profile (3701)
– “Automotive”;

– “Internal combustion engines”;

– “Organization of road traffic.”

The initial stage (1st and 2nd year) of training is conducted on the basis of the Academician MS Osimi TTC, and the second stage (courses 3-6) at the head university in Minsk.

Currently, 308 students study at the joint engineering and technical faculty on first-second courses, and more than 150 students continue their studies at BNTU. In 2017, the first 24 graduates graduated from BNTU and now work at the departments of TTU and other branches of the economy of the republic.

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