Over the years, the faculty has trained more than 12,000 construction engineers, 1,500 architects. Out of the number of graduates appeared prominent scientists, state and public figures: Negmatullaev S.H., Latipov C.L., Gulomov AG, Usmonov U.U., Khalifaev M., Komilzodav A.H., Ahmadzoda Ch.Ch. . and many others. There are 8 special departments and one general technical faculty at the faculty that are equipped with modern equipment, educational laboratories, a creative workshop and computer classes: Chairs:

  1. “Architecture and design”
  2. “Industrial and civil construction”
  3. “Architecture of buildings and structures”
  4. “Production of building materials, technology and organization of construction”
  5. “Engineering systems of buildings and structures”
  6. “Underground structures, foundations and foundations”
  7. “Engineering geodesy and cartography”
  8. “Engineering graphics”

Training at the faculty is carried out by day and correspondence forms. There is a form of obtaining a second education in the profile of the faculty.

More than 2100 students study at the faculty for full-time department and part-time department. More than 100 teachers work at 9 departments of the faculty, including 2 academicians of the Academy of Architecture and Construction of the Republic of Tajikistan, 2 academicians and 2 corresponding members of the Engineering Academy of RT, one Honored Worker of the Republic of Tajikistan, one laureate of the State Award of the Republic of Tatarstan named after A.Rudaki in literature, art and architecture, 8 doctors of science, professors, 35 associate professors and candidates of sciences.

The departments of the faculty have a close connection with higher educational institutions of architectural and construction profile. Faculty is

  1. A collective member of the Association of Construction Universities of the CIS
  2. headed by the Moscow State University of Civil Engineering
  3. Moscow Architectural Institute (Architectural Academy)
  4. Moscow State Mining University, as well as with the universities of the republics of Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan