Today, TTU ranks high in the scientific and technical complex of the Republic of Tajikistan. During the years of its existence, the University has prepared more than 60 thousand engineers in various specialties for almost all sectors of the economy of the country. Preparation of highly skilled specialists at the University based on the concept of multi-level training system, which allows taking into account the real needs, flexibility in the forms and methods of instruction and targeted approach to training.

The University comprises the following departments: Power engineering Faculty, Faculty of Innovative technologies, Faculty of Civil Engineering, Faculty of Transport, Faculty of management and transport communications, faculty of IT technologies and Engineering technical Faculty of BNTU-TTU. Now the number of engineering students are more than 9500.


Application form for partners


Part A. Identification of the applicant and if applicable other organization(s) participating in the project

This part must be completed separately for each organization participating in the project, after they have registered in the EASEA’s participant Portal

A.1 Organisation

PIC Number: 935017921
Full name of the organisation in Latin characters: Тajik technical university named after academician M.Osimi
Business name: Тajik technical university
Accreditation type: State University
Accreditation number: 0000745
Status: Public body
Non Profit Organisation (yes/no): no
NGO (yes/no): no
Type of organization:

 1)      Higher education institution (tertiary level)

2)      Associations of Higher Education Institutions)

Higher education institution (tertiary level)

Registration date: 03/06/2015
Registration location: Dushanbe. Tajikistan
Registered address:


Street name and number:

10 ac.Rajabovs ave.
Postcode: 734042
Town: Dushanbe
PO Box:  
Country: Tajikistan
Region: 07 – Central Asia
Internet address:  
Telephone 1: +992 37 2213511
Telephone 2:    +992 37 2270467
Fax: +99237 2217135

 A.2 Person responsible for the management of the application (contact person)

Title: Dr. Family name: Abdulloev First name: Mamadamon
Department/Faculty: Science and International Relations Department
Role in the organisation:

 Vice-Rector for Science and International Relations

E-mail address:

A.3 Person authorized to represent organization legally binding agreement (legal representative)


Title: Professor Family name: Odinazoda First name: Haydar
Role in the organisation:


E-mail address: