This year Tajik Technical University named after academic M.Osimi steps its 60 – year anniversary. This impressive date is a matter of respect but it is also a great responsibility. The history of Tajik Technical University – is a history of the development of scientific and technical ideas in Tajikistan, a chronicle of technical progress, the preparation of the technical intellectuals for the whole Republic of Tajikistan.

The founder of peace and national unity – The Leader of the nation, the President of the Republic of Tajikistan Emomali  Rahmon, focusing on the development of the system  of education and the implementation of reforming educational programs notes that ” … in this process it is necessary to keep in mind one truth : in the modern society, that country will reach a great success which  pays an attention for improving the educational level of the society, and produces  new techniques and modern technology … ” .

Since the first years of its existence, TTU prepares highly qualified engineers for such important sectors of the Republic of Tajikistan, as energy, construction and architecture, transport, telecommunications and metallurgy technology. Today, this area remains very important. There is an urgent need for a new economy – the economy of knowledge, leadership and innovation where the main thing is the integration of education, science and industry

And a Higher Educational Institute plays a key role as a supplier of highly qualified personnel, a source of new technologies and innovations. Today, the collective of the University is aimed to the development and modernization of the Tajik Technical University named after academician M. Osimi as   a new type of university – which gives an opportunity for students to gain an elite professional education and actively participate in innovative researches.

One of our main tasks – is to prepare the world-class specialists who are able to work on advanced production lines, combining research, design and business. Now, there is a formation of a new type of the Tajik Technical University – the University of the XXI century. All the positive changes that have taken place in higher education in recent years suggest that the Technical University taking into consideration its long history, the continuity of traditions, scientific schools and generations, as well as recent results and achievements in science, education and innovation, today confidently moves towards the global educational elite.