The University is one of the leading centers of research, experimental development and training of the teaching staff of the country. University scientists conducted researches both fundamental and applied, taking into account the real needs of different industries and regional characteristics of the Republic of Tajikistan.

The University regularly hosts scientific-practical conferences on actual problems of developing the national economy. Great influence is given to the research work of young teachers and students who are actively involved in national and international competitions, exhibitions of scientific and technical creativity, competitions, Olympiads and other events.

In order to attract students to scientific and research activities. TTU sets up and operates: scientific society of students; student team SIFE; Scientific-Technical Center for students and staff; Center of young inventors, Student Design Bureau; ” JUNONA «, Environmental Centre ” Young researchers ” Workshop ; Research Workshop “Technologist” ; Consulting Center ” KNAUF TTU “; Students scientific Workshop “Machine engineer ” and others