Activity in the South-South Project, Objective and intention in participating in the project

Activities Involved

  • Proposals of the Tajik Technical University implementation of a strategy for standardizing engineering skills in Tajikistan and other Central Asian countries using the guidelines of FEIAP to apply the potential of certified experts trained in Tajik Technical university and other institutes to audit the quality of engineering education programs. In addition, apply the signed memorandum between universities on the establishment of the Central Asian Federation of Engineering Education for further integration into the FEIAP to overcome challenges of education quality and ensure the competitiveness in the Asia and The Pacific.
  • In Tajikistan the leader of the nation, the President of the Republic of Tajikistan, Emomali Rahmon, pays special attention to the training of engineering staff and during his visits to Malaysia, Indonesia and China always visits universities, especially engineering bias. An example of this is the visit to Limkokwing University of Creative Technology (June 24, 2014), (Malaysia), Beijing’s Tsinghua University (CHINA) (01/09/2017). During his visit to Indonesia, the President of the Republic of Tajikistan stressed that the continuation of cooperation in the fields of science and education in the attraction to higher professional training of Tajik citizens in Indonesia was described as an effective action for both sides in the current conditions.
  • Tajik technical university in the framework of the project “One belt and one road” and with the assistance of UNESCO, ECOSF, FEIAP concluded an agreement with the universities of North China Electric Power University and China University of Petroleum.
  • The training and seminars were held with the participation experts
  • The curriculum of the second and third levels of study (master and postgraduate) has been changed.
  • Also in the beginning of 2018, Tajik Technical University provided a list of 25 specialities to the Ministry of Education and Science the Republic of Tajikistan for which plan to obtain international accreditation.
  • ECOSF and Technical Tajik University held meeting regarding the process of engineering accreditation and standardization based on FEIAP guidelines on 17 April 2018, Dushanbe Tajikistan.