The depth and strength of the students’ knowledge depends to a large extent on the well-organized, clearly planned and controlled educational and methodological work.

From the first days of the organization of the Tajik Technical University (Polytechnic Institute), the teaching and methodological work was the main in his activity.

One of the main directions of educational and methodological work at the university is the organization of the educational process, which is a set of activities aimed at further improving the system of training specialists that has developed in the TTU. The most important in this direction is the methodical work related to the organization and organization of the educational process: the compilation and periodic adjustment of curricula and programs, the creation of teaching aids and teaching and methodological documentation, the determination of the content, types and scope of independent work of students, etc.

The main link in the conduct of scientific and methodological work are the departments of the university. Annually in the plans for the work of the departments it is envisaged to conduct a specific set of scientific and methodical activities aimed at improving the educational process.

The methodological work of the departments is directed and supervised by methodological commissions of the faculties, which is coordinated by the Methodological Council of the University.

The leading role in the organization of educational and methodological work belongs to the Academic Council of the University, faculties and teaching and methodological management